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beaconleads and lead tokens
or lead tokens with a (temporary) payment function

Port-, fire- and buoys leads; or leads relating to shipping in general.
These pieces relate to a form of taxation used to finance the conservation of such facilities as lighthouses, buoys and coastal lights, or to a form of toll for the various locks, bridges and other passages that were used by the shipping in general.


Lead tokens:
including personal and municipal arms, and pieces (méreaux) connected with the dispensation of charity to the poor.  Some of the latter entitled the bearer to a meal, and others to supplies of essential commodities; for example, bread, turf, wood, wine etc. These had a  certain limited exchange value, either implied or stated.

Armorial and charity tokens of the Walloon and Lutheran-Community

Determination help
for leads



Download here a review about the Beacon - Leads / download here a review from (lead) (poormans)tokens from towns and places.


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